Identity – 3

The rattling in my shoe finally drives me so crazy I pull it off to examine it. That’s when I notice the little ridge in the heel. I fumble with it until suddenly a bit of the heel pops open. There in a hollow lies a capsule. A transparent bit at one end, a darker ring at the other. I drop it in my hand, amazed. What the heck…

Without really knowing why I hold the transparent part while I twist the ring around. A bright light flashes. I blink when everything comes rushing back.

I know who I am!

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Identity – 2

E. That’s all I know about myself. The police doesn’t know who I am; no known fingerprints, no criminal record. No DNA in the system. No one reported me missing. All I have is a letter pendant on the necklace I wore.
It’s frustrating. No one missing me? Was I a hermit? Didn’t know anyone? No family, no friends who miss me? What kind of person was I?

E. Like Ella, or Eve, or maybe Ellen, Emma, Elysa? Nothing sounds familiar. Should I start over? Stop trying to figure out the old me, start a new life?

Who am I…

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Identity – 1

I feel my consciousness slowly return and with it the pain. My head’s pounding, my back aching. When my eyes flutter open I’m surrounded by people. All standing around me, leaning forward. What the…? I groan, which causes some stirring in the crowd.

“She’s awake!”

“Make way!” A paramedic kneels next to me. “Can you hear me, ma’am?” I nod. His hands move over me, professionally assessing my hurts.

Within moments I’m bundled up onto a stretcher, my neck in a brace. The man keeps talking to me, asking questions. Trying to answer him, I suddenly realise…

Who AM I?!

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