Hansel & Gretel

Written for a competition at The Cult of Me.

Shuddering Gretel fixed her eyes on the witch. She cowered against the back wall, trying to stay as far away as possible. All the while the witch was hovering near the gaping hole, chuckling to herself and smacking her lips. “Come on, sweet children, there is nothing to be scared about”, she cooed, “it will be over in a flash, you’ll see.”

Gretel glanced at her brother Hansel, his face white, his fists clenched. He was shaking his head. “I don’t want to die…”

“Now, now, dear boy, don’t be scared.” The witch reached out to grab his arm but he crawled backwards out of reach. So the witch turned to Gretel instead. “How about you, sweet child? Are you brave enough?”

Her throat dry, Gretel swallowed. Her hands were clammy, drops of sweat gliding down her face. She swallowed again, glancing from the hole to the witch and back. Did she dare? Show her brother how tough she was? But… she shook her head.

The witch turned towards the hole, sighing. “Bunch of sissies…”

Now that the witch’s back was turned Gretel made her move. She shuffled forward as fast as she could and pushed before the witch could react. Shrieking the witch went tumbling out of sight.

Leaning forward Gretel watched her go, down and down until the parachute opened and the witch’s triumphant cry could be heard all the way up in the small plane.

Hansel sat down next to his sister, smiling. “It does look like fun.” He grabbed the straps of his pack and launched himself into the open air, Gretel following close behind. Their shrieks joined those of the witch while they made their descent.


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