Identity – 3

The rattling in my shoe finally drives me so crazy I pull it off to examine it. That’s when I notice the little ridge in the heel. I fumble with it until suddenly a bit of the heel pops open. There in a hollow lies a capsule. A transparent bit at one end, a darker ring at the other. I drop it in my hand, amazed. What the heck…

Without really knowing why I hold the transparent part while I twist the ring around. A bright light flashes. I blink when everything comes rushing back.

I know who I am!

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He has been eying you all evening. First in the pub, then in the club. Glancing at him again, you catch his eye. He gives you a slow smile, which makes him look irresistible. Gesturing with his head, he encourages you to follow him to the bar.

Feeling brave you cross the dancefloor, joining him. His smile has turned into a grin and it turns your knees weak. He takes your hand and leads you to a dark corner.

Lips find your neck, gently sucking, licking. Then a sharp pain when his teeth pierce your skin and everything goes black.


She watches him run around the room. From cupboard to table to bookcase. He’s huffing and puffing, his face getting redder by the minute.

“Need any help, honey?”

He waves his hand dismissive. “No, no…”

She sighs. A yearly ritual, his last minute dash to find the keys.

“Dear… on your desk, next to the lamp.”

“Ah, thanks love!” Grabbing the keys he sprints out the door.

She watches him takes off, his sled climbing higher and higher while the reindeer pull with all their might. Just in time to deliver the presents to all the kids in the world.

Up and down

Up and down. Up and down. Working up a sweat. Muscles stretching and aching. Eyes closed, head thrown back.

Time seems to stop, all that exists is this moment. Sweet and delicious. Breathing speeds up, you’re gasping for air. Your legs start to burn.

Then it’s over. You’re spend, but satisfied.

Your workout is over.

Caught you!

I attack so fast he doesn’t even know what hit him. A moment later he’s sprawled on his back on the floor and my fingers dance over soft skin and hard rippling muscles. He squirms around, gasping for breath and laughing so hard I know it hurts his stomach.

“Stop, stop, please stop!” But I ignore him. It’s not every day I have this gorgeous man writhing under me. He bucks his hips, but I ride the motion and only tickle faster.

“Please stop or I’m gonna pee my pants!”

He’s such a kid sometimes. But I love him anyway.


She walks the dark streets with confidence. Her curls bouncing with her steps, purse swinging on her arm.

Then a shadow falls across the pavement. She looks around, suddenly alert. The street is empty, but she feels watched. She hurries on, turns a corner, looks back. Movement in the corner of her eye. Walking faster she reaches her apartment, quickly climbs the stairs to her front door. Turns the key, closes the door and leans against it. Paranoid?

The next morning finds her sprawled on the street, eyes staring empty. Hit by a cab. It was her time after all.


You sit in the window frame, looking out into the dark night, alone and lonely. The cold of the stone tiles you’re sitting on chill you to the bone. But you’re past shivering after at least an hour staring, you don’t feel the cold anymore, just numbness.

The room is just as cold, the bed empty. Looking at the bed increases your loneliness so you stare outside again. So many little lights that an orange glow can be seen above the roof on the horizon. It gives you a weird feeling, unnatural, alien-like. You look at the sky, search for the few stars that are visible this night. Continue reading